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Calming Oil Roller 10ml

Calming Oil Roller 10ml

Natural Calming Oil.

Contains; Sandlewood & Lavander Essentail OIls.

10ml roller bottle.

This unqiue calming oil can be used on the pulse points,eg. behind the ears & the wrists.

 The calming oil is a 10ml bottle with a roller top for effective use on pulse points and it is also one of our best sellers.  We have made this oil with essential oils to benefit you with a relaxing and grounding feeling.

 How to use: there is a roll effect to this bottle which makes it easy to use. Use anywhere and when you most need to. Try not to leave things to get on top of you in your daily routine. Tip: we would recommend using the calming oil on your pulse points then cup your hands over your face and do a breathing exercise that works for you.

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