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All Natural.  Handmade in Ireland.


I have studied for years in natural therapies and I started Ester's Aromas to create natural products with unique recipes to help people. 

As a child, I suffered from cracking and bleeding on my hands.  My dad made natural creams to help me and I don’t have this issue anymore.  The support I received from my Dad, Mam and my own family really motivated me with Ester's Aromas.  It was very important for me to pass this on to my kids and encourage them to do what they love, but even more importantly to be happy with who they are, and their lives. 

Being  a mum of two children, I know only too well what it’s like to look for a product that will be both beneficial and that you won’t have to think too hard about the cost. I love to provide information on the natural ingredients and oils I use, to allow everyone make informed decisions when choosing products.  ​

I try my best to keep my finger on the pulse to the needs of my customers and followers and spend time reading feedback and reactions, to know how best to serve.

If you’ve had a chance to read this and haven’t fallen asleep and you would like to get more information and keep up to date with the latest Ester's Aromas news, please follow us on the social media icon links below, where I will continually try my best to inform you on what is happening on a weekly basis.

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